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Classic, buttery and addictive.

Experience the comfort of tradition, class and addictive taste of rich and delicious tarts that melts in your mouth.


Enjoy fully handmade and home-made delicious passed down over generations recipe perfected over the years Pineapple Tarts and the modern fused Nutella Tarts all year round.

Each tart pastry is smothered with rich creamy butter, giving a flaky and buttery texture. Well-baked – giving it a slightly crisp touch in every bite as it melts in your mouth.


Pineapple Tarts

Traditional recipes passed down from generations, bringing your taste buds back to the good old days – reminding you of your Grandma’s tarts!

Pineapple paste is cooked to perfection not leaving it hardened after baking. The soft, sweet tangy pineapple paste, compliments perfectly with the slightly crisp buttery pastry.

A hint of cinnamon to give a refreshing smell and taste.

These authentic tarts are a favourite of all ages, leaving you come back for more.


Nutella Tarts

Nutella Tarts
Tarts pastry is smothered with rich creamy quality butter, giving a flaky and buttery texture. Well baked giving it a slightly crisp to every bite and melt in the mouth

Topped with soft creamy Nutella goodness, each tart is baked perfectly, leaving it soft inside.


There’s always a fresh batch of tarts available! For events and customized packaging, drop us a message or click on the customized order link to order for events..

Been eating Beaute Tarts for many years during the Lunar New Year and each time I ate, the taste never failed me. The pineapple paste is refreshingly sweet and the texture is just right with the help of the pulp.

The tarts were rich in butter which made me long for another bite to pamper my picky tastebuds. Not only were the tarts strong enough to withstand pressure from my grips (who likes tarts that break easily anyway?), their tenderness allowed the crumbs to release the aromatic flavour.

Every effort was made to decorate the pastry and bottle which gave me a sense of sincerity and homefeel.

Thumbs up, Beaute Tarts!

Adrian Lim