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Baking with love since 2009

Started officially in 2009, Ruzitah, the head baker of Beaute Pearl Creations was determined that pineapple tarts does not have to be seasonal and Beaute Tarts was born.

Perfecting the traditional passed down recipes from her family, Beaute Tarts were created with the right amount of fragrant, texture, temperature and taste. Ruzitah takes pride in every detail, from taste to packaging and over the years have expanded even the flavours to her Nutella Tarts. 

“To me it’s my passion. To bake and pack it nicely and let everyone enjoy these tarts. Receiving compliments about the taste is what that keeps me going. To have fostered relationships with customers – some of which have even turned friends over the years. And to always keep going.”

Ruzitah’s vision for Beaute Tarts is to someday bake at a commercial level and to introduce her tarts to everyone, regardless of race and even to tourists as they leave Singapore – bringing Beaute Tarts back home as goodies!

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